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Lana L. Dalley



I came to the CSUF Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics in 2006, after earning a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Washington.


2005, Ph.D., University of Washington

2001, M.A., University of Washington

1999, B.A., University of Evansville

Research Areas

My research brings together feminist literary theory and new economic criticism to analyze the relationship between gender and economics in nineteenth-century British political economy and imaginative writing. Currently, I am working on a book-length study of the relationship between economics and representations of mothering/maternity in nineteenth-century political economy and imaginative writing. I also recently completed a co-edited book collection (with Dr. Jill Rappoport) entitledEconomic Women: Essays on Desire and Dispossession in Nineteenth-Century British Culture.

Courses Regularly Taught

19th-century British literature and culture; History of the Novel; Women's Writing; Gender studies; Feminist theory; Literature and Film.


Edited Volumes
Economic Women: Essays on Desire and Dispossession in Nineteenth-Century British Culture, co-edited, with critical introduction, with Dr. Jill Rappoport (University of Kentucky), Columbus: Ohio State University Press (2013).

 “Fatal Postponements: Production and Consumption in George Gissing’s The Odd WomenVictorians Institute Journal. (Winter 2012)

 "On Harriet Martineau’s Illustrations of Political Economy (1834)” BRANCH: Britain, Representation, and Nineteenth-Century History. Ed. Dino Franco Felluga. Extension of Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net. Web (Fall 2012).

 “Domesticating political economy: language, gender, and economics in theIllustrations of Political Economy.” Harriet Martineau: Authorship, Society, and Empire, eds. Cora Kaplan and Ella Dzelzainis. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2010: 103-117.

 “The Economics of  ‘a bit of victual,’ or Malthus and Mothers in Adam Bede.”Victorian Literature and Culture 36.2 (Fall 2008): 549-567.

 “‘The least ‘Angelical’ poem in the language’: Political Economy, Gender, and the Heritage of Aurora Leigh.” Victorian Poetry 44 (Winter 2007): 525-542.

  Encyclopedia Entries
“Political Economy and Literature.” The Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature. Dino Franco Felluga, Pamela K. Gilbert, and Linda K. Hughes, editors. London: Blackwell Publishers (forthcoming August 2015).

“Introduction” George Eliot: Selected Novels, Volume II. London: Anthem Press (forthcoming January 2015).

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