Language Policy Ally (LPA) Program


Cohort 2022-2023

LPA Cohort 2022
(left to right): Madyson Hill, Tori Venegas, Lacey Currey, Jerad Carson, Lukas Norling, Bell Gonzales, and Kristopher Dominguez 

Program Description:

The Language Policy Ally (LPA) program is designed to protect students’ language rights and promote language diversity in academic institutions. This program trains graduate students to become peer-mentor allies who help other students navigate inequitable situations in writing intensive courses. The first part of the program includes a 3-week summer institute, where students will have the opportunity to work one on one with a faculty mentor who specializes in language policy and writing studies. The second part of the program resumes in the fall/spring semesters. In Fall, LPA’s will give presentations to writing intensive classes about the newly updated CSUF writing policy and how it helps protect students’ rights as speakers of multiple varieties of English. In Spring, LPA’s will co-facilitate a workshop with the Language Policy Committee for the national Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).

• Graduate students (in any discipline)

Required Courses:
• English (ENGL) 402: “Theories of Response to Written Composition” (offered in Fall semesters)
• English (ENGL)/African American Studies (AFAM) 410: “Language and Power in African American Culture” (offered in spring semesters) or English/Linguistics (LING) 305: “English Language in America” (offered fall/spring semesters)

The LPA program includes the following activities:
• 3 Week Summer Institute on Language Policy in Writing Studies
• 3 formal presentations in select writing intensive courses (Fall semester)
• 1 conference presentation

Job Position:

• Graduate Student - (maximum amount of compensation: $3000 - Please note, payroll taxes will be taken out of the compensation amount)


Required Application Instructions:

• Please submit a personal statement that describes your interest in the program and how this position will enhance your personal/professional academic trajectory and career goals (750 words max.)

• Please e-mail your personal statement/application to: