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Tutors &  Specializations

Name Specializations Days Working in the Writing Center

Johnny Weil


Brainstorming, Outlining, Thesis Statements, MLA Format, Navigating Library Databases, Grammar, Philosophy Monday, Tuesday

Madeline Hurstmadelinehurst

Epistolary Novels, 15th to 17th Century Literature, Feminist Theory, Language Policy Ally, MLA Style Manual, APA Style, and Chicago Manual of Style Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Jasmine JimenezJasmine Jimenez Shakespeare, Elizabethan Era, Modernism, Gender Studies, Feminism, Sociology, MLA style, APA style, Research, Integrating Quotes, Essay Structure, Writing Process, Bilingual Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

Dave BartonDave Barton

Art, Brainstorming, Comparative Literature, Gothic literature, Literary analysis, Making an argument, Playwrighting, Poetry, Politics, Research, Theatre, Thesis Development Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Lukas NorlingLukas Norling Genre fiction, queer theory, mla format, research, essay organization  Tues-Thurs, Saturday
Shelby PerlisShelby Perlis Feminism/feminist studies, Modernism, creative writing (Creative Writing Club VP), Theater/drama, MLA, brainstorming, prompt analysis, American/British literature, film and art       Monday-Thursday

Anita KiannasrAnita Kiannasr

Composition, rhetoric, MLA format, ESL, creative writing, fluent in Farsi, comparative literature Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

Megan PonceMegan Ponce

Composition and rhetoric, Thesis statements, Organization, Research, Queer theory, Gender theory, MLA format  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 

Amber OrebaughAmber Orebaugh

Composition and Rhetoric, specifically Thesis Writing, organization, Ethnic studies, African American studies, Fantasy Fiction Monday-Thursday

Angelica Medlin

Angelica Medlin

MLA, creative writing, poetry, critical analysis, abstracts, paragraph outlining, thesis statements, time management, resumes and cover letters, college applications, brainstorming, literature reviews, research Tuesday-Friday

Katie O'NeilKatie O'Neil

Language Policy Ally (LPA), Critical Race Theory, Postcolonial and Decolonial Literatures, Writing for the Social Sciences, MLA and APA formatting, Thesis Construction, Research and Source Integration Sunday (virtual), Monday (in-person)

Timothy HarveyTimothy Harvey

Language Policy Ally, Composition and Rhetoric, MLA formatting, Victorian Era Novels, Thesis creation, Paragraph Transitions/Organization Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Jerad CarsonJerad Carsen

Composition theory, creative writing, modernism, and contemporary literature. Mon-Wed and Friday

Ko Matsunekomatsune

Linguistics, composition and rhetoric, and close reading Monday-Wednesday

Ivanna Russell

Ivanna Russell

19th Century literature, feminist theory, gender studies, MLA format, thesis statements, word choice, and organization Mon-Wed and Friday

Nathan Guerrero

Nate Guerrero pic

Outlining, Thesis Statements, Essay structure, MLA Formatting, Creative Writing, and Narratives Tuesdays and Thursdays