VOLUME XXVIII, NO. 1 ISSN 1548-1484 FALL 2003

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Patricia Schneider-Zioga, editor


English teaching in JapanPDF File

by Yamiko Matsuya


ELIZABETH M. BERGMAN. Spoken Sudanese Arabic: Grammar, dialogues, and glossaryPDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

SUSAN CONRAD and DOUGLAS BIBER (eds.), Variation in English: Multi-dimensional studiesPDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

R. R. K. HARTMANN. Teaching and researching lexicographyPDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

MICHAEL STUBBS.  Words and phrases: Corpus studies in lexical semanticsPDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

GUNNEL TOTTIE. An Introduction to American EnglishPDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

RICHARD WATTS and PETER TRUDGILL (eds.), Alternative histories of EnglishPDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

LIU DILIN. Metaphor, culture and worldviewPDF File

by Robert D. Angus

ANETA PAVLENKO, ADRIAN BLACKLEDGE, INGRID PILLER, and MARYA TEUTSCH-DWYER. Multilingualism, second language learning, and genderPDF File

by Misook Ahn

JOHN H. MCWHORTER. The power of Babel: A natural history of languagePDF File

by Anne-Margret Bellavoine

DAVID CRYSTAL. Language deathPDF File

by John Cárdenas

John Baugh. Beyond Ebonics: Linguistic pride and racial prejudicePDF File

by Jennifer Melbinger

STEVEN MCDONOUGH. Applied linguistics in language educationPDF File

by Chau Pham

GEORGE ANTON KIRAZ.  Computational nonlinear morphology: With emphasis on Semitic languagesPDF File

by Bradley J. Spencer

KIM BUI, ed. A contrastive analysis of English and Vietnamese verb forms and verb classes with teaching suggestionsPDF File

by Minh-Tam Tran

GEOFREY FINCH, ed. Word of mouth: An introduction to language and communicationPDF File

by Minh-Tam Tran