VOLUME XXXV, NO. 2 ISSN 1548-1484 SPRING 2010

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Patricia Schneider-Zioga, editor


Labial consonant distribution in Niger-Congo: A study in typological distancePDF File

By Yuri Tambovtsev

Distances between Polish and other Slavonic languages: A phono-typoloical comparisonPDF File

By Yuri Tambovtsev

Consonant patterns in Spanish and other Romance languages: A study in typological closenessPDF File

By Yuri Tambovtsev

Tale of two brothers (Part 2)PDF File

By Vladimier Agafonov

The internal structure of the Edo verbPDF File

By Lendzemo Constantine Yuka &Esohe Mercy Omoregbe

Negation in Èkìtì: A critiquePDF File

By Tèmítọpẹ̣́ Olúmúyìwá

A Descriptive Analysis of Miship IdeophonesPDF File

By Mohammed Aminu Muazu & Katwal Pemark Isah

Wh movement in Kunari: A Minimalist ApproachPDF File

By Baba Kura Alkali Gazali

The language of diplomacyPDF File

By Afgan Mehtiyev

Tracking ideology in political newsPDF File

By Akin Odebunmi

Discourse construction at 4-5 years: Language specificities and 'cognitive functional' constraintsPDF File

By Hana Hirzalla

Wired learning: Blogging for literacy in MalayPDF File

By Jyh Wee Sew

Cooperative learning strategies and reading comprehensionPDF File

By Ziba Javadi Rahvard

Vocabulary learning and L2 reading comprehension: A case for translationPDF File

By Ali Jahangard, Ahmad Moinzadeh &Mansoor Tavakoli

A Grammar of African philosophy: Being and transcendence in FalolaPDF File

By Nelson O. Fashina

Defying armies: Protesting military oppression in Arrows of RainPDF File

By Niyi Akingbe

Recent Nigerian bards and minstrels: Forms of counter narrativesPDF File

By Ogaga Okuyada

The Miship: People, language, and dialectsPDF File

By Mohammed Aminu Muazu & Katwal Pemark Isah


Hofmann, Th. R. Realms of meaning: An introduction to semanticsPDF File

By Siaw-Fong Chung

Bernard Spolsky. Language managementPDF File

By Robert D. Angus

Penelope Gardner-Chloros. Code-switchingPDF File

By Robert D. Angus

J. Clancy Cements. The linguistic legacy of Spanish and Portuguese: Colonial expansion and language changePDF File

By Robert D. Angus

Lieselotte Anderwald. The morphology of English dialects: Verb-formation in non-standard EnglishPDF File

By Robert D. Angus

Donna Minkova & Robert Stockwell. English words: History and structurePDF File

By Robert D. Angus

Charles F. Meyer. Introducing English linguisticsPDF File

By Robert D. Angus

Elena Semino. Metaphor in discoursePDF File

By Robert D. Angus

Mohammed Aminu Muazu & Fibi Balami. A Descriptive analysis of Bura verbs and vocabularyPDF File


Mohammed Aminu Mu'azu & Katwal Pemak Isah. A grammar of the Miship languagePDF File