VOLUME XXIX NO. 1 ISSN 1548-1484 SUMMER 2004

Editor's note

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Patricia Schneider-Zioga, editor


When contextualization cues mislead:misunderstanding, mutual knowledge, and non-verbal gesturesPDF File

by Andrew Wilson

Judeo-Spanish and the lexicalist morphology hypothesis: a vindication of inflectional and derivational morphologyPDF File

by John Cárdenas

Judeo-Spanish and the living museum claim: a synchronic view of a diachronic dilemmaPDF File

by John Cárdenas

Lost thoughts behind Korean wordsPDF File

by Lucia Chang

Exploring the use of the 'they' pronouns singularly in EnglishPDF File

by Shawn Johnson

A believable accent: the phonology of the Pink PantherPDF File

by William Pickett

Why words and rules are not enough: the ontology of avoidancePDF File

by William Pickett

Turn keeping and turn over signals in a communicative event of accusation and indictmentPDF File

by Viktoria Vibokova


EUGENE H. CASAD and GARY B. PALMER (eds.), Cognitive linguistics and non-Indo-European languagesPDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

NILOOFAR HAERI. Sacred Language, Ordinary PeoplePDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

MICHAEL KENSTOWICZ (ed.), Ken Hale: A life in languagePDF File

by Alan S. Kaye

GHIL=AD ZUCKERMANN. Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli HebrewPDF File

by Alan S. Kay