VOLUME XXXII, NO. 1 ISSN 1548-1484 WINTER 2008

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Patricia Schneider-Zioga, editor


Typological proximity of Esperanto to the classical language taxa of the Indo-European familyPDF File

by Yuri Tambovtsev

Endangerment scenario: The case of YorùbáPDF File

by Adeleke A. Fakoya

Temporal adjectives in cognitive grammarPDF File

by Jyh Wee Sew

L'impact du contexte interactionnel sur la construction discursive chez les enfants de 4 ansPDF File

by Hana Hirzalla

Alliteration and Assonance in Niyi Osundare's Songs of the Market-Place: A phonetic analysisPDF File

by Gabriel A. Osoba

Towards a theory of the war novelPDF File

by S. A. Ogunpitan

Corpus-based translation methodsPDF File

by Iman Tohidian

Acting on stage and screen: The effect of medium on style and performancePDF File

by Sola Fosudo


Shifra Schon mann Theatre as a medium for children and young people: Images and observationsPDF File

by Jyh Wee Sew

Siobhan Chapman & Christopher Routledge (eds.). Key thinkers in linguistics and the philosophy of languagePDF File

by Jyh Wee Sew

Mark Sebba. Spelling and societyPDF File

by Robert D. Angus

Ray Harlow. Māori: A linguistic introductionPDF File

by Robert D. Angus

Edgar W. Schneider. Postcolonial EnglishPDF File

by Robert D. Angus

Jean Aitchison. The word weavers: Newshounds and wordsmithsPDF File

by Robert D. Angus