VOLUME XXXVI, NO. 1 ISSN 1548-1484 WINTER 2011

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Patricia Schneider-Zioga, editor


Continuous tenses in British and American fiction: A frequency based comparisonPDF File

By Yuri Tambovtsev, Ludmila Tambovtseva & Juliana Tambovtseva

Linguistic innovation in the New West African Europhone novel: Between interlanguage and indigenizationPDF File

By Babatunde Ayeleru

Pronominal passive constructions: The clitic se and agreement in modern European PortuguesePDF File

By André Antonelli

Proverbs in a threatened language variety in AfricaPDF File

By Taha A. Taha

Reduced relatives and the location of agreementPDF File

By N. Gulsat Aygen

Narrating the past and constructing the present: The delineation of outrage in Just before DawnPDF File

By Niyi Akingbe

How politicians do things with words: Intentional analysis of pre-election speechesPDF File

By Antonova Anna Vladimirovna

Between source and target text: Academic versus expert translationPDF File

By Amr M. El Zawawy

Metacognitive awareness of reading strategies and reading comprehensionPDF File

By Elmira Noroozi Siam & Seyyed Mohammad Ali Soozandehfar

Towards a practical approach to the challenges of multilingualism in AfricaPDF File

By Olushola Bamidele Are


Gavins, Joanna. Text world theory: An introductionPDF File

By Liberty Kohn

Barber, Charles, Beal, Joan C., and Shaw, Philip A. The English language: A historical introductionPDF File

By Robert D. Angus

Zhang, Grace Qiao. Using Chinese synonymsPDF File

By Robert D. Angus