Writing Center Tutors


Tutors &  Specializations

Name Specializations Days Working in the Writing Center

Dave BartonDave Barton

Art, Theater, Journalism, Brainstorming, Thesis, and Nerd Culture  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Joshua Blair Joshua Blair

Style and ESL Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Jerad Carson

Jerad Carson

Composition theory, Creative Writing, Interactive Storytelling, Ecocriticism, and Queer Theory  Mon-Wed and Friday

Kristopher Dominguez Kristopher Dominguez

Brainstorming, Thesis Writing, Citations, MLA, and Keeping paragraphs focused  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 

Isabella Gonzales Isabella Gonzales

Literary Analysis and Research  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 

Nathan GuerreroNathan Guerrero

Creative Writing  Tuesdays and Thursdays

Elena Hanna Elena Hanna

Business Writing, Creative Writing, Literary Analysis, Quotation Integration, MLA, and APA Style  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Niyyah Jackson Niyyah Jackson

Brainstorming, Constructing a Thesis, Organization within a paper, MLA, Persuasive Essays, and Grammar  Tuesday and Thursday

Ko MatsuneKo Matsune

Brainstorming, Outlines, Thesis Statements, Linguistics, Organization, and Grammar  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Nicole Nguyen Nicole Nguyen

Brainstorming, Constructing Thesis, MLA, Shakespeare, Disability Studies, Screenwriting, and Story Structure  Monday, Friday, and Saturday 

Xuan Nguyen

 Xuan Nguyen

Brainstorming, Thesis Construction, and Integrating Quotes in MLA Monday and Wednesday

Lukas NorlingLukas Norling

 Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror, Animal Studies, Posthumanism, Brainstorming, Organization, and Research Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Isai Ocampo Isai Ocampo

Thesis Development, Transitional Phrases, and MLA Formatting  Monday and Wednesday

Amber OrebaughAmber Orebaugh

Composition, Rhetoric, Thesis Writing, Organization, Ethnic studies, African American studies, and Fantasy Fiction Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 

Shelby PerlisShelby Perlis

Crafting a Thesis, Structuring a Paper, MLA, Argumentation, Revisions, Fine Tuning, Cohesion, and Flow Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Alexandria Que Alexandria Que

Organization, Gothic Literature, and Asian American Literature  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Sam ValdezSam Valdez

Brainstorming, Organization, Structure, Thesis Statements, Transitions, and Creative Writing  Tuesday and Thursday

Tori Venegas Tori Venegas

Writing Process and Thesis Development  Thursday

Johnny Weil

Johnny Weil

Brainstorming, Outlining, Thesis Statements, Research, MLA Format, Grammar, Philosophy Monday and Wednesday