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Joshua Blair Joshua Blair 
I'm happy to help you with any writing assignment, regardless of whether you're a beginner or an expert and wherever you are in the writing process.In addition to teaching my own English 101 class here at CSUF, I am (obviously) a tutor in the writing center. I have worked in the writing center for over five-hundred hours, and I have sat down, one-on-one, with hundreds of students. I've helped dance majors and computer science majors and everyone in between. I am also fond of working with non-native English speakers and have a master-level TEFL/TESOL certificate. I am also more than happy to work with students who have disabilities.As a writer, my specialty is style. In other words, I love crafting sentences that are clear, concise, specific, and that flow.If that all sounds good to you, please go right ahead and book an appointment with me.
Academic Interests: American Lit, African American Lit, Weird Fiction, Horror, Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Trauma Theory, Evolutionary Theory, and Memetics
Personal Interests:  Metal, Running, Video Games, Dungeons & Dragons, Horror Movies, K-Pop (blame my girlfriend, lol), Anime, Chess, YouTube videos of old men restoring antique furniture”
Monday, Wednesday

Jerad Carson Jerad Carson

My name is Jerad Carson (he/him). I'm the assistant director of the center. I'm also a graduate student, an English major, and a Language Policy Ally. I understand that writing can be intimidating at first, but as you get more comfortable with it and find your style, it becomes much smoother. I'm more than happy to help you with any part of your writing process so you can get to that place where it's a breeze.
●  I love storytelling, creative writing, and video games.
●  My research interests are in queer theory and modernist/postmodernist literature.
As a tutor, I can specifically help with composition, organization, narratology, and MLA or APA formatting.
Not sure how to set up your paper? Have problems writing your thesis? Need to reword something to get your point across better? Drop in for an appointment with me anytime.
Monday, Thursday, Sunday

Lacey Nicole Currey Lacey Nicole Currey

Hello, my name is Lacey!
Although I am new at the CSUF writing center, I have tutored at the Fullerton College writing center for 4 years. I am currently in the English Masters's program at CSUF and plan on becoming a community college professor. I am a fan of multiple genres of writing, but helping students with research, argumentative papers, and feminist/queer theory is my specialty. I am also a member of the Language Policy Ally program (LPA) and work to fight for language inclusion within the education system. Feel free to make an appointment!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Miriam Delgado

Miriam Delgado 

Hello! My name is Miriam. I am a current undergrad student, and this is my last semester before I graduate with my bachelor’s degree in English. Yay! I plan to get into CSUF’s teaching credential program to eventually become an English teacher. I am still deciding what grade level to teach but I’m leaning towards teaching at a high school. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I want to help students develop confidence in their writing and reading abilities which is what I would like to do for you at the Writing Center! I was also a former writing center tutor at Fullerton College which I attended before I transferred here to CSUF in Fall 2022. An additional fact about me is that I also speak Spanish. I am not perfect with my Spanish, but I can hold a conversation. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends and visit new places or exercise. I recently started getting into drawing and painting, I hope to have this as a new hobby.
Specialties: I can help with brainstorming, the pre-writing process, talking about your ideas with you, planning out an outline for your essay, thesis statements, etc. I welcome any writing and I will try my best to help you with what I can. I look forward to meeting and working with you!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Vince Garcia Vince Garcia 

Hello! I'm new to the writing center here at CSUF (and writing centers in general), but I have a longstanding passion for reading, writing, and helping others out. 
Currently, I'm in my first year of the English M.A. program, after which I hope to pursue a career in teaching community college English courses, primarily dealing with composition and rhetoric.
My main strengths lie in helping out with brainstorming, structure, thesis statements, outlining, topic development, and prompt breakdown. I always love hearing about ideas people have for a piece of writing and fleshing them out to fit a particular prompt or assignment criteria. 
I'm willing and able to help you no matter where you are in the writing process, whether it's a couple sentences of your essay, a full draft, or something you've already turned in but want some pointers on! Looking forward to meeting with you!
Personal Interests: When I'm not reading, writing, tutoring, or going to class, I love watching movies, anime, listening to music, going to the gym (slacking on this), and playing video games. Some of my favorite movies of all time are Arrival and Howl's Moving Castle and, at the time this was written, I've put a few too many hours into Baldur's Gate 3.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Isabella Gonzales Isabella Gonzales 

My name is Bell and I’m a first-year graduate student. Most of my background is in literary analysis and research—we can talk about coming up with an essay topic, writing a thesis statement, organizing your ideas, collecting quotes and citations, and everything else that goes into writing a college paper. I love talking about literature and discussing your thoughts about it, but of course I can help with other projects, too.
I believe writing doesn’t have to be a profound, perfect thing—let’s just have a conversation and we can both learn something new.
Wednesday, Thursday

Nathan Anthony Guerrero Nathan Anthony Guerrero

Hi, my name is Nathan Guerrero and I'm a 5th year Undergrad English Major here at CSUF!

I love all forms of writing especially creative writing! I read almost anything from your typical novel to short stories, to even the odd fanfic I find online. I spend a lot of my free time writing short stories, watching playing games, or even traveling! 
Writing is and always has been a form of art so my goal is to help you find your voice with writing. I love helping students out early in the writing process, especially when creating your thesis or refining your rough draft but I can help during any step of the process.
I hope by the end of our sessions you've discovered not only a new way to approach your paper but also writing as a whole!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Madyson Hill Madyson Hill

My name is Madyson, and I am an English Graduate student at CSUF. My research interests (for those that are curious) are girlhood studies and the development of female friendships in literature. I am here to assist you with all your tutoring needs, but my specialties are brainstorming, drafting, and prompt breakdowns! I am also a part of the Language Policy Ally program here on campus, so please reach out to me if you have any questions about that! My campus involvements include being President of the Creative Writing Club here on campus (where are my fellow poets at?) and the academic/pedagogical workshop coordinator for the English graduate group ACACIA! If you are looking to get involved with either of these, please feel free to ask me about it! I am a Bluey stan to my core! My personality is definitely Bingo-coded, “The fridge doesn’t like me” –Bingo (iykyk). I love to paint and play animal crossing in my free time, and I am a theme park enthusiast, Disney, and Universal FTW! Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to working with you!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Danya Miller Danya Miller

I'm Dayna and I am a 4th year English Major and History Minor. This is my second year at CSUF and I am a transfer student from San Diego. I love writing, reading, and Earth science. I also enjoy crocheting, hiking, and listening to music (always looking for suggestions). 

I am here to help you at any point in the writing process including brainstorming, drafting, organization, and final read-throughs, regardless of the class or subject matter. My special interests include creative writing, nonfiction analysis, literary analysis, rhetoric, historical writing, and overall talking through ideas. The goal is to help you find your voice and improve your writing skills overall. While composition is my passion, it might not be yours, I am here for that too!

I am looking forward to meeting with you and discovering your style!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 

Amber Orebaugh Amber Orebaugh

Howdeedoo, I am Amber and I have been tutoring since 2018 at Riverside City College. I transferred over to CSUF in Fall of 2020 and began tutoring here Spring of 2021. I have my bachelor's in English with a minor in African American studies. I am now in my final semester before completing my master's. 
I really enjoy helping out with any part of the writing process and any topics, but I especially like brainstorming and thesis writing. I also have a strong background in MLA and Chicago style. 
My personal hobbies include reading, building Lego models, and playing various videogames (Currently Baldur's Gate 3). 
I'm happy to help as best I can with anything, but I do want to warn that I do not understand the expectations of business writing, and I am not an expert in APA.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera

My name is Angel Rivera. I am a graduate student, an English major, and Spring 2024 is my second semester in the English MA program. I know that the hardest part about the writing process (at least for myself) is getting started. Navigating the process of writing can be sometimes overwhelming, but when one learns how to navigate it transforms the process into something manageable and doable. I will do my absolute best to guide through those obstacles so that the writing process can become second nature.
I love to write poems, short stories, and simply love creating through writing. I would say my experience and expertise is academic writing like research, thesis focus, outlining, and organization. Storytelling is a huge part of my life, but more specifically I am into the genre of post-apocalyptic narration as seen in cinema, comic books, and video games, and literature. Make an appointment with me and make this semester happen!!
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Abril Rodriguez

Abril Rodriguez

My name is Abril, or you can call me April. I am a graduate student in the Master of Science in Higher Education (MSHE) program. It is my first semester working for the Writing Center, but I did work for the Writing Center a couple of years ago when I was an undergraduate. I was an English major then and part of the Honors Program and the Single Subject Credential (EDSC) pathway. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and watching movies. My strengths as a writer are MLA formatting, researching, coming up with ideas for a paper, and creating outlines. I don't have a preference for what majors I can help, but I find students from the colleges of the Arts, Education, and Humanities and Social Sciences familiar because I have siblings there. Anyways, nice to meet you, and I'm looking forward to working with you!
Monday, Tuesday, Sunday

Haylee Rodriguez

Haylee Rodriguez 

My name is Haylee and I am a 4th year Human Communications major! This is my first semester working at the CSUF writing center, but I’m proud to share that I have over 3 years of tutoring experience with Fullerton College. In my field of communications, I have loved diving into interpersonal and critical/ cultural theories, and my favorite projects have been critical analyses of cultural artifacts and media that I am curious about! When I graduate, I hope to work in the beauty industry in the marketing and design side of things. Outside of school and work, you will find me creating personal monthly playlists, journaling and writing poetry, and catching up on my favorite Youtubers and TV Shows!
I love helping tutees brainstorm, research, and explore all of their ideas without fear or judgment! I don’t believe there are bad topic ideas, only those that can be explored further. I also enjoy interpreting prompts and instructions that may feel confusing. My job is to build a foundation of understanding so that you have the tools to dive in with confidence!
I look forward to meeting with you! Have a great day!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Bethany Serrano

Bethany Serrano

I am a Latin first gen English graduate student here at CSUF. I have my Bachelor's in English from UCI with a minor in Creative Writing. Most of my years in college have consisted of research, literary analysis, and creative writing. I can assist with topic brainstorming, organization, thesis help, etc. I’d love to hear your questions and concerns about writing so we can work together to create something you’re proud of.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!
(FYI I am not knowledgable in APA! I am still learning it)
Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

Tori Leigh Venegas Tori Leigh Venegas 

Salutations! My name is Tori & I am currently working towards an M.A. in the English Program here at CSUF. 
I’m grateful to be here as a tutor so that I can help YOU with whatever inquiries you might have about the writing process. My present areas of expertise include brainstorming, working to construct a thesis, & establishing transitions for a better flow in the overall paper.
A personal note about me is that I am an all-around-the-clock cinephile & movie aficionado! I am an old soul in my taste in music too, & love to spend my free time enlightening my friends & family about those things!
Anyway, though. Please feel free to visit me.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday