How to Submit an Article to California Linguistic Notes

As part of the submission process, authors should ensure that their submission adheres to the following guidelines:   

  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it currently before another journal for consideration. 
  • The review of the manuscript is blind. Therefore, in order to ensure anonymity, identifying information should be removed from the submitted manuscript (see style sheet and formatting information for additional details). 
  • If an author of the paper is cited in the manuscript, "Author" and year should be used in the bibliography and footnotes, instead of author's name, paper title, etc. The author's name has also been removed from the document's Properties (which in Microsoft Word, for example, is found in the File menu). Let the editor if you need assistance removing your identifying information.
  • The manuscript should be prepared according to the journal's style guidelines, which are described here: Style sheet and formatting informationPDF File Opens in new window . Please note that new style guidelines are being followed starting in the first issue after Spring 2013. Note that there is also a template for formatting that you can download. Using the template makes it easy to format your manuscript.
  • The template for correctly formatting your article can be downloaded hereOpens in new window . The template allows you to drop your text into the appropriate section of the paper and it will be automatically formatted.
  • Style for references : Beginning in Spring 2013, for references, we are following the Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics adopted by the journal editors of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA). It can be found here: Unified Style Sheet. PDF File Opens in new window    
  • After acceptance of your manuscript, identifying information should be included in the final version of your manuscript and it should be formatted according to the style guidelines given here.

Electronic submissions should be made to the editor: