Study Abroad 

Summer 2017 in Ireland

GuatemalaFor 4 weeks (June 25 - July 25), students will spend time in the center of Dublin while learning about Ireland's rich history and culture. Many cultural tours will be included in addition to a 3-day, 2-night excursion to Galway with a visit to the Aran Islands. Two courses (taught by Erin Hollis) will be offered:

  • HUM 350: Irish Life & Culture [GE C.3 & Z] (3 units). This course will explore Irish life and culture.
  • ENGL 355T: Women in Irish Literature [ GE E] (3 units). This course will explore images of women in different genres.

Application deadline:

  • Early deadline - TBA
  • Final deadline - TBA

Applications and program flyers with more information can be found outside of H-211.