English Graduate Program

For current information, please contact the Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics at (657) 278-3163, or see the university catalog.

Important Dates

Registration: Check website or class schedule for date.

Project Proposal Due: Project proposals must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday, 5th week. Submit five copies of your proposal with a signed cover page to the Department  of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics (Gordon Hall-323).

Application Deadlines: The application deadline for admission to the MA Program for fall semester is February 1st. Calstate.edu/apply, the online Admissions system, opens October 1st. 

For Graduation Procedures and Deadlines: Visit the Graduate Studies page on Graduation Information.


General Information

Enrollment in Graduate Seminars . Prerequisite: classified standing, eligibility for classified standing, or consent of instructor. Only those students enrolled in the Graduate Program will be allowed to register through Titan registration  (Please note that missing your deadline for payment of fees will result in your being dropped from the courses for which you have registered.)

Classified Standings & Study Plan: Classified standing requires a bachelor's degree, at least a 3.0 grade point average in a minimum of 24 units of upper division English, and conference(s) with the graduate adviser, who will designate those courses which will apply to the degree program. You are not a classified student until you have a formally approved Study Plan, and you must arrange for timely advisement to develop a Plan.

Project Procedures: It is strongly recommended that you schedule an appointment with the Graduate Adviser early in your career as a graduate student to discuss the nature of the project and the timeline to prepare for it.

Grad Check: Before the beginning of your final semester, you must apply for a graduation check through your Titan Online student portal and pay a fee. Meeting this and all departmental and university deadlines is your responsibility.

Time Limit for Completion of Degree: University policy requires that all course work and other requirements for the M.A. degree normally be completed within five years (10 semesters). Petitions for extension of the five-year time limit and for validating outdated course work are available at the Graduate Studies Office (MH-112). Such petitions must be filed before your five-year time limit is up; approval is not automatic. You must keep track of your own progress in light of the overall time limitations.

Continuous Enrollment: Students who may have completed all course work, but who may not have satisfactorily completed a comprehensive examination, project, incomplete, or other requirement, are expected to maintain continuous enrollment until the awarding of the degree. All students must be continuously enrolled until the degree is granted, unless they have approved leaves.

A graduate student who finds it impossible to attend during a certain semester and is not eligible for a leave of absence must register in GRAD 700. Registration in this course is restricted to conditionally classified or classified graduate students. It carries no unit credit and does not require class attendance. Registration in this course in each semester when no other course work is taken will be necessary until award of the degree.


GRAD 700 through regular registration: Students pay full fees and receive full student benefits (health center, study activities, etc.).

GRAD 700 through University Extension: Students enroll paying a reduced fee and receive no university benefits other than library privileges. Permission to enroll through extended education is monitored through the Graduate Studies Office using a request form signed by the Graduate Studies Adviser and, for international students, an adviser in International Education and Exchange. No student will be permitted to enroll in GRAD 700 through Extended Education without this form.

Registration materials will be released through the Graduate Studies Office.

Address Change and E-Mail Address: Even if you have notified the Post Office and CSU Records of any recent change in your address, please let the graduate secretary know, too. Please provide the graduate secretary, with your e-mail address. This should prevent your missing our (sometimes) urgent announcements.

Master's Examination . The Master's Examination is required only of students who entered the program during the Spring Semester of 2011 or earlier.  It is administered twice each year, during the Fall and Spring semesters; candidates may retake failed section(s) of the examination when the next exam is offered. The student may retake the failed section(s) once. Computers (PCs) are available for use in writing the examination. To register for the exam, contact the department before the end of the fourth week of the semester in which you intend to take the exam. If, after you've signed up to sit for the exam and decide not to take it, please let the Graduate Adviser, not the Graduate Secretary, know. Students may request a copy of past exam in person or by phone but must allow FIVE working days to receive it.

Contents subject to change. 

For more information, visit the Policies and Procedures page at Graduate Studies.

For more on funding opportunities, visit CSUF Financial Aid and click the “Funding” tab on the Graduate Studies main page.