Programs for Graduate Students


Graduate students in English have the opportunity to apply for positions as Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs) working as Tutors in the Writing Center  as well as Teaching Associates (TAs) in the department’s composition program.  These programs are designed to build on one another, giving students the tools to become teachers of writing at the postsecondary level.


*Students, please review the TA Program FAQs below*

FAQs about the TA Program


Academic Minimum Qualifications:

ISA Tutors :

  • ENGL 402/402S – Theories of Response to Written Communication

TAs :

  • ENGL 402/402S – Theories of Response to Written Communication
  • ENGL 590 - Writing Theory and Practice

***Enrolling in the courses required for minimum qualification does not guarantee a position as an ISA or TA.

Interested students should first complete the Tutor Track by enrolling in ENGL 402/402S, Theories of Response to Written Communication.  This graded, 3-unit set of courses is a minimum qualification for employment as an ISA in the Writing Center. ENGL 402/402S can be taken for graduate credit and is generally offered only during the Fall semester. 

Following successful completion of ENGL 402/402S, students may apply for work as ISAs in the Writing Center. Their duties will include tutoring students in the Writing Center and assisting directly in the classroom in sections of ENGL 101P.  After acquiring Writing Center experience, students may apply to become Teaching Associates, or TAs.

While continuing to work as ISAs in the Writing Center and in the classroom, students interested in becoming a TA should apply to the Teaching Track that will qualify them to become TAs. After being accepted to the Teaching Track, student will enroll in ENGL 590, Writing Theory and Practice. This is a graded, 3-unit course that is generally offered only during the Fall semester. This course is a minimum qualification for employment as a TA. (Note: In the event that the department is unable to offer ENGL 590, students may, at the department’s discretion, instead be required to complete ENGL 599 with a course of study equivalent to ENGL 590.)

Students who have successfully fulfilled all academic minimum qualifications may apply to the TA Program. Successful candidates shall be hired as TAs and teach a section of ENGL 101 under faculty supervision.

Application Procedure

To learn more about the Tutor Track, please visit the Writing Center Student Employment page.

To apply to the Teaching Track, please collect all your documents with a cover sheet or in a folder titled "TA Application" and bring it to the English department office in GH 323.

  • A brief letter of application, explaining your interest in becoming a TA and narrating all applicable tutoring or teaching experience
  • A current resume
  • A letter of recommendation
  • An unofficial transcript demonstrating completion of ENGL 402/402S. Following acceptance into the TA Program, prospective TAs will complete ENGL 590 as a minimum qualification for employment as a TA.
  • A recent performance evaluation from the Writing Center. Applicants without such work experience may instead request to have their qualifications evaluated by the current instructor of ENGL 590.


Applications are due by the first Friday in March.  Interviews for the Teaching Track will be conducted by the end of Spring semester.