Programs for Graduate Students

Graduate students in English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics and the TESOL program have the opportunity to apply for positions as Teaching Associates or Instructional Student Assistants in the department's composition program.

The ISA/TA programs are structured in the following way:

Semester 1  After selection by a department committee, the student works as an ISA assisting an English 099 instructor and tutoring in the Writing Center. During the first semester, the ISA must enroll in English 402/402S, Theories of Response to Written Composition, a graded, 3-unit course, which is generally offered only during the fall semester.

Semester 2 The ISA without teaching experience prior to entering the program continues to assist in the classroom and tutor in the Center.

Semester 2 or 3 Teaching Associate - After selection by a department committee, the graduate student may be hired as a TA for one academic year to teach one section of writing each semester under faculty supervision. During the first semester, the TA must enroll in English 590, Writing Theory and Practice, a graded, 3-unit course.Only students in good academic standing who have completed 12 units of graduate work are eligible.

Semester 3 or 4 The student continues to teach under faculty supervision and must enroll in English 590S, Teaching Assistant Supervision, a CR/NC 1-unit course.

Application procedure

To apply for a Tutor Assistantship, please visit the Writing Center Student Employment Page for more information,

To apply for the Teaching Associate Program, please submit to to English Department, UH 322, Attn. TA Program:

  • a brief letter of application, indicating your reasons for wanting to take part in the program, and providing the name of at least one 099 instructor who can speak to your performance in the classroom
  • a current resume
  • one graded paper from a 500-level course, with instructor's remarks
  • one letter of recommendation
  • a CSU1 formOpens in new window
  • one recent performance evaluation from the Writing Center or University Learning Center. Applicants who have not worked in either of these programs must have their qualifications reviewed by the current TA Adviser.

Applications are due by the last Friday in April. Interviews for each position are conducted at the end of spring semester.