Minor in Comparative Literature

Students minoring in Comparative Literature must complete a total of 21 units:

  • 9 units of required courses
  • 12 units of approved Comparative Literature electives

In selecting courses, students seeking a minor in Comparative Literature should consult a faculty member of the Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics. Students can also use the Comparative Literature minor academic advisement worksheet   to keep track of their classes. 

Required Courses (9 units)  
CPLT 324 World Literature to 1650 (3)
CPLT 325 World Literature from 1650 (3)
ENGL 300 Analysis of Literary Forms (3)

Electives (12 units)  
Choose from four approved Comparative Literature electives: 

CPLT 312 The Bible as Literature (3)
CPLT 315 Classical Mythology in World Literature (3)
CPLT 375 Literature in the Age of Film (3)
CPLT 380 Introduction to Asian Literature (3)
CPLT 381 African Literature (3)
CPLT 382T Topics in Asian Literature (3)
CPLT 450 Medieval Literature (3)
CPLT 451 Literature of the Renaissance (3)