Minor in Creative Writing

Students minoring in Creative Writing must complete a total of 21 units:

  • 9 units of required courses
  • 3 units of literary analysis or survey courses
  • 3 units of a modern or contemporary literature course
  • 6 units of electives. which must be numbered 300 or above

In selecting courses, students seeking a minor in Creative Writing should consult a faculty member of the Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics. Students can also use  the Creative Writing minor academic advisement worksheet   to keep track of their classes. 

*Note: for the English or Comparative Literature majors, a minor in Creative Writing requires a minimum of 12 distinct units, including 6 at the upper-division level, that are not used to meet any requirements for the major.

Required Courses (9 units)  
ENGL 105 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 306 Intermediate Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 404T Advanced Creative Writing  (3)

Analysis or Survey Courses (3 units)  
ENGL 300 Analysis of Literary Forms  (3)
ENGL 211 British Literature to 1760 (3)
ENGL 212 British Literature from 1760 (3)
ENGL 221 American Literature to Whitman (3)
ENGL 222 American Literature from Twain to the Moderns (3)
CPLT 324 World Literature to 1650 (3)
CPLT 325 World Literature from 1650 (3)

Modern or Contemporary Literature Courses (3 units)
ENGL 462 Modern British and American Fiction (3)
ENGL 463 Contemporary Fiction in English (3)
ENGL 464 Modern Bristish and American Drama (3)
ENGL 465 Contemporary Drama in English (3)
ENGL 466 Modern British and American Poetry (3)
ENGL 467 Contemporary Poetry in English (3)

Electives (6 units)  
Choose two English or Comparative Literature courses not used to fulfill the above requirements, both of which must be numbered 300 or above.

Recommended Electives:
ENGL 305 English Language in America (3)
ENGL 306 Intermediate Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 324 Intro to African American Literature (3)
ENGL 326 American Frontier in Literature (3)
ENGL 327 Asian American Literature (3)ENGL 328 Literature of the American Indian (3)ENGL 341 Children's Literature (3)ENGL 345T Trends & Movements: Harry Potter; Vampire Fiction; The Graphic Novel (3)ENGL 350 Literature and the Environment (3)ENGL 355T Images of Women in LiteratureENGL 356 Queer Literature and Theory (3)ENGL 360 Technical Writing (3)ENGL 363 Scientific Writing (3)ENGL 365 Legal Writing (3)ENGL 370 Horror Fiction (3)ENGL 371 Fantasy Fiction (3)ENGL 372 Crime Fiction (3)ENGL 373 Science Fiction (3)ENGL 374 Gothic Novel (3)ENGL 402 Theories of Response to Written Communication (3)ENGL 404T Advanced Creative Writing (3)ENGL 410 Language and Power in African American Culture (3)ENGL 416 Studies in Shakespeare (3)CPLT 312 The Bible as Literature (3)CPLT 315 Classical Mythology in World Literature (3)CPLT 383 Literature of the Americas (3)CPLT 384 The European Novel (3)CPLT 450 Medieval Literature (3)