English Education

Undergraduate Program

CSU Fullerton offers an undergraduate program in English approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Students completing this program will have demonstrated subject matter competency in English as required for a California Single Subject Credential. The program also satisfies the English Department requirements for a major in English.

See the link below for course requirements for the CSUF Subject Matter Preparation Program in English. In lieu of completing the approved Subject Matter Program in English, students may also submit passing scores on the four sections of the CSET in English.

Credential Program


All applicants for a credential program must have passed all sections of the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). Information on this exam is available at the CSUF Testing Office

Prerequisite Coursework in Secondary Education

After students complete an undergraduate Subject Matter Program in English, or complete the testing through CSET, they must complete prerequisite courses in Secondary Education.
EDSC 304, Personal Proficiency in Educational Technology
EDSC 310, The Teaching Experience: Participation
EDSC 320, Adolescence and Education
EDSC 330, Developing Literacy in Secondary Schools
EDSC 340, Diversity in Secondary Schools

Application to the Secondary Credential Program in English

Students apply to the credential program in the semester before they plan to enter. For admission for a Fall Semester, applications are due at the end of February of that year. For admission to a Spring Semester, applications are due at the end of September. Application materials are available at the Office of Admission to Teacher Education in EC 190.

Prior to admission, applicants undergo screening and review by the English Education Program Committee, a group made up of CSUF faculty, master teachers of English, and secondary administrators. Students admitted to the program will then be assigned student teaching placements in various districts and schools in the area.

First Semester (Extern Semester)

During the first semester of the program, students typically work with two master teachers in three English classes for the full semester. They will be expected to co-teach with their master teachers in two of the classes beginning about half way through the semester.

They will also take the English Methods course, ENED 442 and several Secondary Education courses during that semester (see link for Credential Program Courses.)

Second Semester (Student Teaching Semester)

The second semester of the credential program requires daily teaching in three classes for the full semester. Students will also have a preparation period and a conference period every day at the school where they are assigned, so they will be at the school for at least five periods per day. (See Credential Program Courses for the full schedule during the second semester.)

For Advisement Please Contact Dr. April Brannon

English Education Coordinator
Dr. April Brannon
Assistant Professor of English
Office: UH 439
(657) 278-5251

English Education Faculty

Carolyn Houston
Office: UH 325
(657) 278-3643

Lucy Moon-Shoulders
Office: U 325
(657) 278-3643