Minor in English

Students minoring in English must complete a total of 21 units:

  • 9 units in required courses
  • 6 units in survey classes
  • 6 units in English, Comparative Literature or Linguistics electives. No more than six units of lower-division (200-level) course work can be applied to the minor.

In selecting courses, students seeking a minor in English should consult a faculty member of the Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics. Students can also use the English minor academic advisement worksheetPDF File Opens in new window  to keep track of their classes. 

Foundational Courses (9 units)
ENGL 300 Analysis of Literary Forms (3)
ENGL 307 Advanced College Writing (3): Minors are encouraged to take ENGL 307. However, they may also take the approved upper-division writing course(s) in their major field of study in place of ENGL 307. If they do so, they must take an additional elective in English or Comparative Literature to complete the 21 units for the English minor.
ENGL 316 Shakespeare (3)

Survey Courses (at least 6 units)
ENGL 211 British Literature to 1760 (3)
ENGL 212 British Literature from 1760 (3)
ENGL 221 American Literature to Whitman (3)
ENGL 222 American Literature from Twain to the Moderns (3)
CPLT 324 World Literature to 1650 (3)
CPLT 325 World Literature from 1650 (3)

Electives (at least 6 units)
Choose from any course from English, Comparative Literature, or Linguistics numbered 201 or higher.