Undergraduate Programs

As a student studying English, Comparative Literature, or Linguistics at Cal State Fullerton, you enter a community of researchers and educators who care intensely about the study of language, literature, and writing and who value the learning that happens in the classroom and in the hallways and walkways between classrooms. We offer Bachelor’s degrees in English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics, as well as minors in English, Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, or Linguistics. You will also have the chance to develop leadership skills in English or Linguistics service organizations and to hone advanced research and communication techniques through collaborative research with your fellow students and with faculty.

Our major programs emphasize the study of language, writing, and literature. Faculty will ask you to examine how identity is encoded in language, as well as the diverse ways in which writing, language, and literature let us see the past, understand advanced rhetorical and linguistic techniques, and make sense of the world through narrative.