Major in Linguistics

Linguistics is the study of language. Like other rapidly developing fields, linguistics resists simple classification into one of the traditional categories of academic disciplines. As one of the humanities, linguistics is concerned with the historical development of a particular language or language family. As a social science, linguistics may be related to anthropology in describing language as part of culture; or it may be related to psychology in describing phonetics; it may even be considered a natural science, related to the physical science of acoustics and the biological sciences of anatomy and physiology. As an applied science, linguistics has found many applications in fields as far apart as language pedagogy, speech therapy, and computer programming. Finally, linguistics may be considered a formal science in its own right, related to mathematics and logic.

The B.A. in Linguistics requires a minimum of 120 units which includes courses for the major, General Education, all University requirements, and free electives.

Language Requirement
Linguistics majors are required to take two progressive semesters of any two languages or four progressive semesters of any one language.

Core Requirements (15 units)
Linguistics 351 Introduction to Linguistic Phonetics and Phonology (3)
Linguistics 406 Descriptive Linguistics (3)
Linguistics 408 Syntax (3)
Linguistics 412 Sociolinguistics (3)
Linguistics 430 Historical Linguistics (3)

Electives (18 units)
Two must be from linguistics upper-division courses other than those listed as required above; and four may be selected from linguistics upper-division courses or from the courses listed below:

Child Development 312 Human Growth and Development (3)
English 303 The Structure of Modern English (3)
English 440 History of the English Language (3)
Foreign Languages, any upper-division course (3)
Philosophy 368 First Course in Symbolic Logic (3)
Psychology 415 Cognitive Processes (3)

Students must consult with an adviser in linguistics before establishing their individual programs of study. Other courses in the university may be taken as electives with the permission of the adviser.